Lil' Rabbitfoot



Samantha Yates is a stained glass artist based in Shipley, West Yorkshire. She uses the psuedonym Lil' Rabbitfoot.


Her Botanical pieces are rich in individual character, both naive and fun, revealing her  appreciation of the natural environment, the simple beauty of nature and the happiness it can bring.


Working with both copperfoil and traditional lead techniques she playfully explores the limitations of her materials and techniques, presenting  glass to the light through different botanical forms, patterns and structures. 


"Light and glass together never fail to amaze me, the true beauty of colour revealed, my emotional response is one of joy"  


Samantha has a unique background in Environmental Science, the Waste Management Industry and 12 years teaching Horticulture.


A sustainable approach to her practice is reflected in her holistic choices of materials, resources and working methods.  She is plastic free.

"We are so genetically programmed to connect with nature,

that we get a feeling of satisfaction, when we strip the seeds from a stalk of grass"